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There are very few sites that are as versatile [in terms of material] like Evil Angel. This site not only concentrates on high rate material, but they also present this material like a gourmet meal! The more you nibble and sip the content supplied by Evil Angel, the more satisfaction you derive.

As they say, once you have had the best, you never go back! That is exactly the type of sentiment you will be feeling once you have had a taste of Evil Angel. No more will you concern yourself with bare, low quality material. No more will you desire x-rated movies that are terribly produced. You can begin to refine your porn pallet and become a porn connoisseur of sorts.


Here are some figures to chew on. 8000+ movie scenes, 1300 video DVDs, 3200+ High Def videos and 3000+ picture sets in High Res. This is what Evil Angel brings to the table.

Satisfaction of your “basic primal sexual instincts” is what the site is all about. There are some movies and scenes that feature big names in the porn industry. Apart from this, new gals, live cams, and a plethora of other features are all available to members of EA

The updates that roll in make sure the video and picture galleries are fresh with new content. Sort material by niche, movie, model, scene, etc. Downloading of videos is permitted with no limitation. The pics can reach 1600p x 1200p resolution while video formats Include mp4 and wmv.

One little hiccup the site has is that there are no ZIP file formats available for downloading pictures. When weighing the numerous benefits and material you get against this one flaw, you are bound to draw only one conclusion. Evil Angel is a premium site worthy of your attention.

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So if you have had any interest in porn in the last decade or so, then you are going to have heard about Elegant Angel. This is a company that has been making huge waves in the industry for a number of years thanks to the quality of the porn that they are capable of producing and I have been handed the wonderful task of checking out their website to see if it comes up to scratch.

The first thing that hits me when I go to their site is the sheer volume of exclusive porn that they have available and the names of the stars that are on there.


I am talking about the biggest names to have existed in recent years are on here being fucked and coming before your very eyes. Of course it is always cool to see people you have been a pervert over before, but they also have a nice selection of lesser known stars who will keep things interesting for some length of time.

The action itself is some of the best quality I have seen for ages, but then that is hardly a surprise. The angles that they show are perfect, the lighting is perfect, everything is crystal clear, and basically it is an absolute delight to watch all of this porn and that is just from an artistic point of view never mind the sex on show.

The sex itself is hot and horny and with there being over 2,500 movies to choose from it does mean that you can get to see absolutely anything and everything covering a wide range of genres. You are going to be swamped with potential scenes if you love a woman being fucked in the ass. You are going to be inundated with options if you love big cumshots. Lesbian sex is there as well. Oh, and they do some simple boy/girl scenes if that is what you prefer out of everything.

Elegant Angel knew that they had to come up with something special for their website as they knew that their fans would only expect the best. The good news is that, in my opinion, they have achieved this and achieved it in some style. Quite simply, this is a website where I doubt I will ever let my membership expire and you will understand why as soon as you check them out yourself.

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When you finally decide to get your DDF Network membership, you will be able to travel across the whole expanse of this network. You will have unlimited access to the company’s “individual peddlers of porno” (the sites).

These guys have collected a remarkable number of European models and stars who are gorgeous yet filthy nasty when it comes to sex. You have two options when it comes to joining these guys. 1) You can join the network, which is (slightly) priced higher with all the sites available. 2) You can join the individual sites as standalone entities.


For a sample of the material inside, you can run over to the guest tour page and see what kind of models and material they have. The European gals are amazingly good at sucking, blowjobs, anal, fetishes, solo, lesbian, masturbation, teasing, posing, and basically doing anything that will result in members drooling all over themselves.

The network has a unique way of production that incorporates class, babes, hardcore, and European themes. The production quality is great and you don’t see a lot of shaky fuzzy amateurish action unfolding inside. They mix the niches very well; they mix the girls and the content just as good to create magnificent material!

Over 12236+ videos and 12236+ picture galleries are currently inside the DDF Network. This humongous amount of material is organized in such a way that you can find whatever you want fast.

How did these guys get so big? They employ a multiple updating schedule every day. The material inside comes rubber stamped with dates so you know what has been added recently. They have full High Definition videos and High Resolution pictures. They have search filters and model index. They have search tools, menus, links, and various features. They have experience since they have been doing this porno thing for more than a decade.

They have download options and various formats. They have a flash player for streaming the videos. They have details about the material, models, and zip file for image downloads. They have interactive features, links to social sites, and more in store for new members. They definitely seem to have it all figured out so that members can have the best experience ever! This network really has very few issues but has a lot of things that they have done well, and mostly, perfect!

You really have to “eat” whatever DDF Network is cooking in their entertaining galleries. The meals you will have inside will be “quality hardcore European-centered porno” dishes that will light a fire under your tongue, causing you to sweat and get excited in more ways than one! They are super good at what they do!

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PornPros network is massive with material available to new members from twenty-five sites. They promise that they have High Definition action and that they cover all the niches hardcore fans all-over love watching. 

These guys have been operation for the past five years and they have managed to do some pretty stimulating stuff in that time. Let’s look at them more closely and see if they pass the test of being a premium porno network.


The first thing we are looking at is the material inside. The hardcore fornication unfolding inside this network is exclusive. This means that the material is original and you will not easily find it anywhere else.

They have milf, humiliation, lesbians, big cocks and boobs, teens, butts, squirting, DP, and so many other niches and varieties. There are stars and amateurs inside and the action is a good mixture ensuring every member receives something to help them “scratch” their lower areas in longing!

The development of High Definition technology hasn’t gone unnoticed (thankfully) because these guys employ this tech to make beautiful-looking videos that are HD. The wmv or mp4 formats inside play amazingly good, making the material even more seductive to watch. The videos that are not full HD are still big and clear, so you will not have complaints there. 

You may want to judge one or two videos (low quality) that you see inside, but you cannot fault the entire network since its overall quality is impressive. Down now to some numbers and inside, we found that the 25 sites offer some 6690+ scenes. These scenes come usually as a combo with videos and pictures available.

The PornPros videos can play for twenty-five minutes and one set of photos can have 300 pictures in it. No matter which angle you look at it, this network has you covered when it comes to amount of material you can watch. 

There are categories you can use to look for material and search tools that aide your search. The model index with gals from “18 to milf-like” ages is great. There is a blog for interactive members and you receive a variety of girls and ethnicity.

Navigation is good and straightforward, which is a good thing for large porno networks. The whole network updates during the week and you receive several of these updates every week. Not all the sites are doing this however, with some not being all that active.

We would also like them to tone down the adverts and upsells in the member’s area. It’s not very appealing. Apart from these minor issues, this network is a solid as those massive dicks (spewing and sexing hardcore gals) are!

Conclusion. The network exhibits great user features and tools for easy access and navigation. They also have the right numbers to make them a big network. They do hardcore beautifully and they have very few bad features. As far as great deals go. when it comes to porno networks, PornPros network is looking very very very good! Check them out!

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ATK Exotics is a site that is dedicated to those 18 and 19 year old amateur teens from around the world that love to get naked and have sex on camera. It means that you can check out every type of hot and sexy woman since they have Latina, Asian, Ebony, Native Americans, and any other ethnic group that you care to imagine.

This certainly helps to make this site different from so many of the others that are out there and it was certainly enough to grab my attention.


The one thing that I managed to learn from this site is that teens love to make porn. That is the only way I can explain why there are over 5,000 scenes to check out as well as more than 27,000 photo sets. All of this content is mixed up with there being some softcore porn along with the usual hardcore, and in all honesty I love that they do this so I can experience everything within the porn industry all under the one roof.

With there being so much porn made available it does mean that there will be something out there that is just perfect for you and by that we mean if you love somebody with freckles, then they have it, or a certain hair color, build, or anything else you care to imagine. This is also very easy to find thanks to them having what is actually quite an advanced search engine, which also works very well indeed. This just allows you to even ask about certain fantasies with the models then telling you what it is and allowing you to check it out in more detail. This search is very cool indeed. Oh and the atk exotics discount is even cooler.

This site is updated on a daily basis and even though older clips are a bit annoying with how they are cut up and being of a poorer quality, that should not be enough to put you off joining. ATK Exotics is certainly now my favorite teen porn site and it is one that I plan on being a member with for a very long time indeed.

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OK, so the Brazzers network is probably now the most famous porn network on the Internet and that really is quite a bold statement for me to make, but you only have to look at the sheer size of it all to see that, when it comes to porn, this website has it all.

It has to be an absolute haven for people that love the female body and love it when they are fucking for us because this site is crammed full of hot and sexy scenes from the moment you land on their home page.


Brazzers have a tendency to make porn that has a bit of a rubbish story line to it with them acting out parts before getting to the sex, but we expect that from it and know that it is always tongue in cheek. This does mean that you do not mind them doing that since you know that the sex part is going to be fantastic and that is why you are there, isn’t it? They also update pretty much all of the time, so those thousands of scenes keep growing, so I love the fact that there is always something new to watch even though I have not been able to completely work through their back catalog yet.

Another thing you will find with Brazzers is that your favorite porn stars have a tendency to appear at some point and they are actually very easy to find thanks to the fantastic search tool on the site. This is of course an absolute necessity for a site that is so vast especially considering it covers so many different genres that you would have no idea where to begin your search.

So what about the type of women that appear on the site? They really do cover everything you can imagine, but they do prefer to use women with big tits as they do dominate in a number of scenes. I personally do not mind this, but even if you prefer the slimmer, natural variety, then you are still not left out with there being a lot of porn to check out.

Overall, it is easy to see why Brazzers is loved so much as soon as you check out their site. Their content is exclusive, it is well shot, the women are hot, the sex is amazing, and it is just a pleasure to get off looking at it.

Anilos.com Discount

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What does the word “Anilos” mean? And why would a site intentionally use this word? Well, the word basically stands for a mature woman who exudes integrity and sexual dominance. As far as the question of the site name goes, well, they have sexy mature models engaged in hardcore scenes that are fascinating.

You will quickly develop a strong fascination with the models inside. This fascination is carefully fostered thanks to the profile page that each gals has. The detail is quite sufficient since you can view her pics, videos, and bio. The mature ladies take part in several scenes and picture sites so that you can enjoy their various hardcore skills!


The Anilos flicks are mostly on the video page and the models are organized according to an alphabetized system. You have the option of full files or clips when it comes to the 1427+ movie gallery. The flash player is sufficient when it comes to streaming and thankfully, there are mobile formats you can also use.

What of the pictures? There are 1459+ galleries with many of them in High Res mode. The .zip file is for downloading the pics. The mature models inside do it softcore and hardcore so there is some variety inside. Time stamp on the material is nice and the images can be found in different file sizes. 

The guest gallery acts as your membership bonus material, while interactive features like forums and community-hub help you kill some time while you wait for new updates. The site is not finicky when it comes to adding new material since they update regularly with 18 updates for the past month.

We are milf lovers and we love what Anilos is doing to this wonderful hardcore niche. Mature ladies can get it on and leave you panting and aroused if you give them a chance. The fact that this site is massive and has great services and layout are simply more reasons why you should check them out. So give this site a chance, you will not regret it!

Haze Her Discount

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When you check out this site, you will be yelling the chant Haze Her like a mad fan! If not, you will definitely satisfy your curiosity about what happens during sorority pledges. The action inside this site might not be an accurate portrayal of what happens behind those “real-life coed dorm doors”, but it shows the fantasy that many people hope is true about what goes on inside.

Haze Her professes that the videos they post on their site are “real submission” from various sororities in the country. You will see the word “real” plastered in several places inside the tour page. And no matter how skeptical you are about the authenticity of these claims, there is one thing you cannot dispute! The material inside is some High Quality action that will mesmerize every nerve of your sexual parts! You will not want to skip even one minute of the action unfolding inside.


The site has fifty videos that members can watch and the videos are thirty or more minutes long. And the things that the coed pledges are made to endure are going to make you sweat with complete joy! The coeds, who are making all these demands on their new sisters, are intent on making them really feel the hazing.

And the submissive new pledges take everything that is dished and then some! Some of the things you will see inside include spanking, sucking, licking, penetration, humiliation, toy play, lesbian sex, blowjobs, spreading of holes, and so on. You can basically expect anything that includes sex, naked coeds, humiliation, and orgasms!

Navigation features include tags, tools for rating and saving favorites. And the gals are so young, eager, sexual, and true porn performers. They make the action really believable so that you can lose yourself in their hazing world. So, even if the action is not “real reality” it is so close to reality you are going to feel that it real!

The material is High Quality and streaming is possible using the flash player. You will find High Definition scenes in mp4 formats, while the 50+ picture sets are also High Res beautiful. Downloading is not a problem since there is the .zip file format you can use.

They might not have lots of material but they are adding stuff, so this number is going to increase (update is once per 2 weeks). Recommendation? Coed hazing porn is highly entertaining and Haze Her is not something that you should pass up if you love this niche!

ATK Galleria Discount

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If there was ever a vanilla site on display, then ATK Galleria would take the first, second, and third prize! This is neither a good or bad thing, it simply a fact. “Vanilla porn site” have lots of white young gals splaying their cute sexy bodies for members to look at and enjoy.

The site seems to be roaming between solo action and hardcore sex scenes. The thing that is common throughout the site is the amateurish look of the gals. This is something you would expect from these guys since the ATK abbreviation stands for “Amateur Teen Kingdom!”


Colossal” is the right word to use when we start talking about this site’s galleries. They have 25000+ photos and 8000+ videos that will knock some kink back into your boring days. And when you throw in the fact that the material on board is mostly produced just for them (exclusive action in other words), you really begin to appreciate the zeal these guys put in their work.

Part of this extra-ordinary zeal includes giving you High Def material in all the new scenes uploaded. This enables the site to keep members interested in what they are peddling since it is High Quality. The niches available are many, so choose what you feel like.

Collectively, we can say that the search, navigation, and layout of this site serve its purpose of searching, watching, streaming, and downloading the movies and pics. You get a .zip pack file, which can be customized to download your images.

Considering the beautiful models that ATK Galleria displays, it wouldn’t hurt if they spruced up the theme and design to add more beauty to the site. Also, the large amount of material can consume a lot of your time, so we ask that they please add some more advanced methods of searching for content.

The propelling force is the constant updating schedule that comes charging in every single day. This makes the galleries grow and grow, and means more content for your ever eager, ever hungry, sexual appetite.

“Final say?”

There are some small gaps and cracks inside, but the overall performance, material, and services provided by this site are sublime. The exclusive mammoth amount of material inside, the gals, and the quality are some good reasons why the ATK Galleria discount is not a bad investment.

We Live Together Discount

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If two lesbians came up to you and said, We Live Together, your mind would begin racing when you start thinking of the sexual shenanigans that they do behind locked doors, right? Well the particular site we are looking at today has college roommates living together, sleeping together, and eventually enjoying orgasms together (hopefully).

The site goes after gorgeous ladies who have elevated levels of sexiness in them, and who are inner freaks ready to do anything for that elusive orgasm. And the action inside is hardcore lesbian sexing since these guys are affiliated to the brilliant Reality Kings Network.


The site has transitioned from the “normal looking movies” to the more stunning High Definition mode. This is however only for the new material that has been added on the site. The specs and the production quality of these movies are superior, thus making the material erotic beyond measure.

Since We Live Together is part of Reality Kings, you can look forward to accessing this massive monument of hardcore sites when you receive your membership pass. You will be busy for days looking and creaming your pants thanks to the many sites inside “Reality” not to mention the coed lesbian action on this site.

For years, this site has added new action that is exclusive to this site, and now, they have 450+ videos and 533+ picture sets that have 400 pictures in each set. The streaming functions will not disappoint you and the 3 image options are what you enjoy when it comes to the films. The fast reliable servers make buffering simple so that you can enjoy continuous play of the lesbian sex romp sessions.

Filter the categories you want to see since there are tools and menus to help you do this. Threesomes, licking, fingering, insertions, puffy nipples, and so much more await you once you step over the threshold.

Weekly updates keep you captivated and animated as lesbians “take it” and “dish it” to great satisfaction. Before you get lost in this “mad-coed-lesbo-sex-fantasy-world”, you need to be aware that the old action inside doesn’t have High Def quality. The archive collection still has good playback quality, but you need to temper your expectations!

The We Live Together member’s area is easy to navigate and the advertisement might be distracting, but they aren’t that bad. We would also like massive images that we can download since the current ones (although good quality) are rather on the small side.

The action inside isn’t going to win any “porn Oscars” but it is going to feed your fantasies of lesbian sex. By sticking to the basics, this site has managed to come up with a niche that is very compelling.

The bonuses are super great, the gals are super horny, and the lesbian sex is super yummy! What more could you really want? If you simply derive pleasure from watching lesbian get at it with fervor and passion, then “We Live Together” is a site you need to check out!

College Rules Discount

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If there’s one word that can be closely substituted to the word freedom, that would be none other than college. Being able to get out the whole high school scenario is a total breather for everybody, like literally, especially for those who have experienced too much bullying. During college, bullies are not a thing anymore and people tend to be more mature.

On that note, everybody seemingly transcends into adulthood to the point that they become very much fascinated to things like, you know, party, booze and the sum of all things, sex. Well, if you still haven’t gotten over college and would do anything just to relive those days again, you could now with College Rules.


If you try to check the reviews of this site, one of the most common things you will encounter would be that the site’s strongest point is its content. That is totally undeniable knowing for a fact that the site does not tend to make an influx of videos into its database. It’s mission is smooth and clear — it will deliver the highest possible quality of porn videos, period! And all the videos will be reality, which means hot college girls and boys jerking around each other with their cocks and vagina out, penetrating and being penetrated to the deepest of depths.

Then everybody just ends up with a smile before going back to their respective dorms after having swarmed a common denominator for an hour. 

Get With College Rules?

If you are looking for a wide array of content, well, that’s not the premise of College Rules. As mentioned, the site is mainly focused on quality, which is why it comes to deliver over 40 episodes of real college sexperiences, like girls sharing the cock of their chemistry classmate, two girls and two boys hooking up after class hours, bailing senseless geeky parties so as to create naughty personal parties. The registration would be 29.95 dollars, but trust me that is actually a fair deal for something that is pure gold! You will love college all the more and wish you could bring back the good old days with College Rules!

Playboy TV Discount

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If you happen to be someone who lives life like an Eskimo, you know, like in an igloo so close yet so far to civilization, then you’ve probably heard about what Playboy is. For one thing, it is one of the most famous men’s magazine in the industry today. Another thing is that it has been around for more than a decade now that it has totally made itself important to many men’s lives.

Last but not the least, a porn site depicting the beauty of this magazine has emerged in town. It’s called Playboy TV.


Playboy TV is analogous to the contents that can be found in the typical PB Mag. But to tell you the truth, it’s even better for the very reason that it’s real action, not just some stuffed images there where you can only imagine rather than do some digital interaction. Another thing that makes the site akin to the mag is that its models are quite the upscale kind. You know what I’m saying? They’re no cheap hags. They’re simply gorgeous that goes more on the luxury side. And as high standards they may seem, they’re always up to fuck those who are in dire desperation. 

Playboy Mag is to photographs and smokin’ hot compilation of models, Playboy TV is to videos and all the sizzling girls you could think of all the way to endlessness or the thing we so call eternity. The site does not invest on any stationary stuff. The creators only consider those that can draw real attention and talent for entertainment’s sake. In respect to that, they have not just gathered, but creators over 1600 plus videos for the entertainment of those who believe and continue to trust the premise of the Playboy bloodline.

And from an original price tag of 29.99 dollars, the site currently runs a promo of 9.95 dollars a month for an initial to all subsequent subscriptions. With all the beautiful girls you get to see in porn action and the high definition quality of the videos, your money is definitely well spent!

Mofos.com Discount

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If you have never heard of Mofos then, today could be a special day for you. Mofos is probably the best pornographic site on the Internet today.

Bonus Sites are Fantastic

Mofos has been around for decades and when you join their site you not only get the Mofos site that you have been eyeing out for good reason, you also get their 15+ bonus sites that you will enjoy equally as much. The bonus sites means that you never have to pay for porn anywhere else ever again. So, in this way you get all the hottest content on the Internet and all for one price.


“I Know That Girl”. This is content submitted by thousands of users featuring their own antics at home, with a friend, with their best friend and many other scenarios. There are up to 2000 videos of user submitted porn, which makes this one of the biggest amateur sites in the world.

“Let’s Try Anal”, featuring women trying anal for the first time. “Latina Sex Tapes”, “Stranded Teens”, “Public Pick-Ups” and “Pervs on Patrol” will give you insight into what type of genres you can look forward too all for the price of one site.


The site is easy enough to navigate if you can drag yourself off the front page! Since the thumbnails for the videos are so tempting. You get the ‘girls’, the ‘videos’ and the ‘sites’. There is also a great feature called ‘social’ where you can add your favourite Mofos model on twitter or facebook for example. This is a nice development and as usual Mofos takes the lead.

Mofos might be hardcore and seem fun to be on, but the customer service is great too. Here once a member you are treated like the horny King you should be. The content is exclusive to Mofos and you will not see it anywhere else on the net. This site is truly a leader in porn and remains in that position today. You can be guaranteed horniness for the moment you hit their homepage.

Dare Dorm Discount

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Ah! The heady days of college and all of the fun we had there, or alternatively having there! Either way, if you are remembering those days with nostalgia or wishing this could happen in your dorm you will certainly fall in lust with Dare Dorm.

Horny College Students Running Rampant

It is just what you would expect from the hungry college boys and girls playing with their new found toy, which of course is sex. Filming dorms filled with hormone crazy college students can only result in one thing and that is the horny site that Dare Dorm is.

There is load of varied action at Dare Dorm, including threesomes, face sitting, girls being watched by a room full of horny coeds and gang bangs. There are some great outdoor scenes too as well as drunken nights of fun. Here, the students are not all hung up about sex, instead they revel in it and it is all filmed for your sexual enjoyment.


There is plenty of content available and a large portion of it in super HD quality. The best part of this site is that it is amateur porn, meaning the people in it are not acting. Instead, they have shared a video of antics going on in their dorm. Anyone who submits footage of their smutty goings on receives money. This just makes it all the more exciting.

Hardcore Coed Action

Dare Dorm is easy enough to navigate with the latest updates first and each scene has a very large thumbnail which captures what is going on inside. It has a great fun feel to it, just as you would imagine college fucking to be. The content is hardcore so if this doesn’t get your rocks off then don’t go there. Anal fucking, cock sucking, two girls sitting on some lucky guy, one on his face and one on his cock is really indicative of the horny making content. The footage is also exclusive to Dare Dorm too, so you wont find this content anywhere else.


A great site if you enjoy of age teens and college students. It is also a great site if you enjoy reality fucking, which many do. The footage is real and presented very well on an easy to navigate page. Definitely worth a look at.

GF Revenge Discount

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One thing everyone should be aware of when becoming a member of GF Revenge is the videos here can only be streamed and not downloaded so you must be someone who has a fast Internet connection at home. There is also a lot of advertisements in this site and that is going to turn off a lot of people who would want to jack off right away as they would have to spend time trying to get rid of all those pop ups.

In fact, there is a big splash page when you log in and it is annoying since you know they get a lot of dough from other sites because of all those advertisements.


It is a good thing the photos on GF Revenge are downloadable into Zip files unlike the videos which can’t be downloaded at all since that is something everyone is looking for when coming to a porn site. 

When you are waiting for the flash player to load the video, you can skip ahead to the good parts so you won’t have to wait for the sex to happen. Of course, the beginning of the video has all the girls with their clothes still on and you probably would not want any part of that. They show you all the dates in which the videos were added so you are made aware of that. They have 300 scenes here and they make it a point to always update their site with new videos all the time. You are not going to see just a guy on girl type of sex here as there are orgies and sex parties that go wild.

There is even some lesbian action and there are times when they experiment and do something outdoors. Some of the models don’t really look amateur at all as they should have stuck with the theme so they should not have made them look too professional. The theme of GF Revenge is for guys to get revenge on their ex girlfriends by submitting their sex videos.

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Exploited College Girls involves a lot of hardcore amateurs doing a variety of stuff including blowjobs, deep throat sucking and lesbian pussy licking. The theme is to have video episodes but there are also photo galleries for each episode including some behind the scenes footage of the video. There are toys involved and it does get nasty especially when it turns into a three way dance.

Fans of hardcore amateur porn will surely love the content in this website as the girls here are so pretty that you would wish they would enroll in your college when you were studying. There are some interviews with the girls before the shoot as they reveal their turn on and turn offs about some guys.


This porn site has been around for quite some time and they still see to it that they frequently update the site which is always a plus in the eyes of many porn fans all over the world. The videos can be downloaded in several options or streamed using a built in Flash player.

The galleries on Exploited College Girls can be saved into a Zip file for later viewing. There are times when they replay cum shots from more than one angle which would make your cock hard after you just came. There are two bonus sites here that comes with the membership when you become a member and it is Backroom Casting Couch and Net Video Girls. Both of those sites have similarly themed sites since they also involve hardcore amateur teens in action. There is a lot of information on the newest updates as it will also be revealed what date they were put in there. It is too bad you won’t find a lot when it comes to filter options despite the fact that there is a lot of content in this website.

This is definitely something they should work on given the amount of girls in this site as it would be better if you can search for the breast size. The information on the older videos are not as informative as the new ones so you may end up not wanting to view those videos. However, this site as a whole is pretty darn good.

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Buttman is any anal-lover dream come true! On this site Mr. John Stagliano, a true master of anal sex, shows you how much fun can be had using the female booty. Those who do not know this dude well, then please, let us introduce him.

He is one of the most celebrated porn stars, director, and creative genius behind some of the most explicit, visually striking, sexually stimulating material to ever have appeared on the EVIL ANGEL network.


It’s safe to assume that you are in for some gonzo, ass gaping, hardcore anal material when you join Mr. Stagliano official Buttman site. Any fantasy or anal thought you have ever had can be found deep inside this great porn site. The Kinky butt action filmed is very erotic and well produced.

You will find a mixture of beautiful ladies, different types of butts, and Mr. Stagliano himself staring in some of the movies. There is simple anal action that straight to the point. Others are a bit more innocent and require some fingering or toy play before hardcore pounding can begin. Gals will be spanked, slapped, pumped, and made to endure some fetish stuff as well.

The butts come in various shapes and conditions but one thing that remains constant (as the law of gravity), is the hardcore sex in tight lubed butts. You can look forward to some HD stuff from this dude and Buttman in general. Inside, there eleven formats for you to enjoy. Video files can be in mp4 or wmv.

The 1080p material is fantastic to watch and as a member, you can have full access to the 784+ scenes and 468+ photo sets on offer. Just like the movie gallery, the picture gallery is spectacular with HIGH RES images available. There is the ZIP file for downloading the pics.

For a lot of the stuff you will see on this site, you can expect to see Mr. Stagliano, but on some occasions, he does let others have some anal fun! Many of the videos on this site are drawn from Stagliano’s DVD debuts. He has various famous series in the market doing the rounds and now you can have them all in one neat package deal.

The updating schedule is a bit of a letdown. With close to only four updates done monthly, the site really needs to improve on this for member’s sake. Still what the site has to offer cannot be simply brushed away. They have enough anal action to keep you emitting massive loads for days on end!

The experience you will receive from Buttman will forever change the way you feel about female butts (in a good erotic way!) Conclusion? This premium site gives you HD movies and High Res images, with minimal interruptions and hustles. Mr. Stagliano official site for hardcore anal and butt material is a delight and we definitely recommend you join it!

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Backroom Casting Couch is an amateur porn site with a nice little twist. The “reality-porn” niche is saturated with porn sites that always try to outdo each other. The problem with many of these reality sites is that they are never that authentic. Everything looks so rehearsed and fake.

However, when it comes to this particular site, the reality action that takes place has a certain “ring-of-truth” to it. The gals and the naive amateurish way they conduct themselves makes you believe that these gals are first time performers. The simplicity of the site extends to the design and theme.


The structure of the material on this site follows a familiar pattern. First, there is an ad placed that invites young talented amateurs to some sort of movie screening. This is all a ruse to get them into the studios. As the interview progress, things take a hardcore-sex turn and the amateur gals receive a pounding like professional porn stars.

This motif plays over and over, but the material somehow still remains fresh and real. Half the fun is watching the amateur gals completely taken by surprise by the hardcore stuff they do during the “interview.” The dude who does all the pounding is not a talent agent, but luckily for you and me, the amateur beauties who walk through the door don’t know this.

His excuse of a job offering is all about making them take their clothes off in front of the camera and suck some hard prick. The only stardom that these gals will ever come close to experiencing is porn star fame. It might not be what they had wanted or hoped for, but it is what they will get.

In a lot of material, you will see the gals stripping, maybe shaking some butts, anal and pussy shots, hardcore penetrations, creampies, blowjobs and facials. Many of the gals who make appearances on this site have never done this before. You will not recognize them or see them again.

Backroom Casting Couch has been accruing scenes and material for the past two years. They now have some 215+ videos. The update schedule of 1 video-per-week is going to make this number grow in the future. Some will criticize the site for not doing more to bolster their video quality. The site has tried and has wmv and flv formats.

The one download option available is restricting, but hey, at least it works, right? Navigation is straightforward with information about scenes and models easily available. You have to go through each section manually to be able to locate what you want. This is another area that the site could improve on in the future.

The Bonus site you get is EXPLOITED COLLEGE GIRLS, which gives you more coed action to wank off to. Conclusion? The site has really tried to bring fresh material of duped amateur gals searching for stardom. The reality based, POV porn inside Backroom Casting Couch is worth checking out. Backroom Casting Couch is worth checking out!

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When it comes to porn, the sight of black men and women just simply displeases me. I think it would be more accurate to say it disgusts me. But then again, humans are dynamic creatures and our perspectives always has rooms for changes as the human thinking can be profoundly fluid.

What I’m trying to say is that I have changed my views on black people being in pornographic media. I have began to embrace them wholeheartedly and of course, there is always a reason behind every transcendence. In my case, that would be this awesome porn site called Fame Digital.


Going by my introduction, it sounds as though Fame Digital is all about black people having sex. But no, I just wanted to raise a point, which is how I am no exception to the concept of human dynamics. Fame Digital is a porn site that diversifies its contents. Well, everybody has different tastes, right? And in order for a group to attract more audiences, diversity is a must. That is why when you get to visit Fame Digital, you will witness how eclectic the categories can really go. There’s no doubting the kind of porn elegance and fervor you will see with what their database offers.

Like my teacher once told me, there’s no such thing as a free meal. However, there are delicious ones that you can get at a price your pocket can go easy with. The same thing applies to when you sign up for an amazing porn site like Fame Digital. You can try out the first month trial for only 2 dollars. After that, the regular fee follows only at 9.95 a month. With that, you will be able to enjoy over 5700 picture sets, and multiple that to 100 or so. That’s the estimable figures you are to look at. Next would be the HD videos, yes, all of them are HD. You get over 18,000 short clips and full movies that range from Brunettes to Blondes, to Black, to Gingers and to all the flavors you can get for porn media.

Join Fame Digital now and enjoy its fruits like I did and still do.

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The summer season is up again and the heat just is such a cool way to mash up the whole holiday period. That gets true all the more with awesome porn content that will add up more heat inside your room, allowing you to sweat to your own bliss. And while there are plenty of porn sites to really navigate around the web, I choose to settle only for one. I call it the best, and everybody else calls it none other than the TS Playground.


As a porn addict, I consider myself an expert when it comes to spotting what’s hot and what’s not in the field of pornography, of course. Just imagine the fact that I’ve been voyeuring and fantasizing women, even the cougar friends of my mom since I was 12. And now, my age is the reversal, 21, I have become sexually driven all the more. Through the passing of time, my brim for porn standards grew higher. Surprisingly, TS Playground was still able to amount to it, it even went over the board. Why? One word, guys: It’s an awesome plane of pornographic content that diversifies all sorts of sexual content. From Asian to Russian, it’s a haven full of spectral sex goodies.

What You Get with TS Playground

There’s a lot for you to witness at the TS Playground digital landscapes. But before anything else, as the army enlists, you must proceed to registration. While the registration is only at 14.95 bucks a month, you can go with the first month trial first for only 2.50 bucks. With that, you will then gain access to over 180 picture sets that sums up to 180,000 pictures or more for you to view. Ultimately, there are 185 full movies that range from 15 to 40 minutes. What’s more is that the videos are all in HD format.

In addition that, you can download as much contents as you want from the site. You have the rights to do so for as long as you are officially joined into the TS Playground members database. And just like me, you will definitely be soul-refreshed with these awesome porn goodies from TSP.

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X Art used to be focused on pictures alone but that is not the case now as they also have 420 videos. All videos are about 15 minutes each and all of them starts out with strange music but it slowly fades out when it goes to what everyone has been waiting for. There are 200 gorgeous models here and they all appear in at least one picture set.

There are 566 photo galleries on X Art but there is no photos section. In order to find the photo sets, you must go to the model index or browse through the updates page. There are no bonus sites in sight but the site is often updated anyway with a mixture of stuff since sometimes it is photo set while sometimes it is a video.


The babes at X Art are downright gorgeous that you will wish you could have a body like that. You would have to work hard in order for that to happen though even though some ladies admit they don’t work as hard. The videos were done by professionals since they have nice production values and they were edited to perfection. Some would overlook that factor but it should not be taken for granted since men would love to jack off of perfectly done videos.

The girls on X Art are just too hot to ignore as they would make you cum several times til sunrise. You can’t blame yourself if your cock rises fast because there are a lot of things to jack off of in this motherfucker. Whether you are for hardcore or soft core then you would always get something here. You will also get chicks from different races which is always a plus. You can choose three different sizes for the pictures with the biggest one giving high resolution.

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Naughty America is a network composed of more than 30 websites with different themes. When you go to one of its sites, I have a Wife it features the latest updates on the network which is something that could distract the member from the main content. It is pretty obvious what I have a wife is all about as it is about a girl wanting to have sex with her crush.

You know that old saying what a girl wants a girl gets? It really happens even after the guy tells her that he is already married. She can’t take no for an answer as she seduces the guy and they end up having sex in a wild manner. Of course, we never know if the wife finds out about the entire ordeal but that is not important since the important part is the girl gets what she wants and that is to fuck the guy she likes even though the guy seemed hesitant at first, you knew he wanted to fuck her too.


Another website in the Naughty America network is Diary of a Nanny. It is the chronicles of a nanny who is left alone at house while the couple are out to do something else. She ends up fucking the man of the house or the older brother of the baby she is supposed to take care of. You have to wonder if it really was a nanny they were looking for. This website has got some hilarious premises but it all leads to one thing and it is the one thing we all want which is wild sex between the nanny and another lucky dude. The acting is pretty decent despite being done by people who will never win an Oscar in their lives. They do what is asked of them and that is all that matters.

In the entire Naughty America network, there is a total of 6,055 videos and all the videos come with a matching photo set. A majority of the videos come with a full HD playback and there are some videos that only come with video caps. In total, there is 5340 photo sets which is good enough for an average porn fan. You can be sure you are going to get something new from the network daily despite the fact that some of the websites stopped updating.

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There are 509 videos on the Sweetheart Video website and they can all be streamed in a Flash player or downloaded in several formats. There are 876 photo sets here and each set contains about 280 photos.

If you are one of those people who wants to encounter soft core lesbian fun, then this website is for you as there are a variety of ways where the girls get it into each other. You are going to see some interracial girl on girl action as there are also some middle aged women going at it here.


There are a ton of sex toys that get used on Sweetheart Video in order for them to feel that penetration effect. There are no guys here, so they use dildos so they can have something to put in those lovely pussies. Some wet crotch panties are shown in order to add to the excitement as you can tell these lovely ladies would love to get into each other. Regardless of your personal sex type, you can surely appreciate two babes making out and engaging in erotic behavior.

Since you have an all girl party, then there is going to be a lot of pussy licking going on here. A girl would like it when someone would eat her pussy like a pro whether it is a guy or a gal. Some gals know how to eat a pussy well since they also have one. In fact, girls probably eat pussies better than most guys. It is too bad you can’t save the photo sets in a zip file as you can only view them on thumbnails. Keep in mind, this network is new, but overall all of the right ingredients are here to make on hell of a porn site.

Sweetheart Video is only 3 months old and they made sure to keep the updates at a rapid movement. The girls here are so fine that you wish you can take them out on a date. This is one soft core lesbian website you won’t forget for sometime as the action goes along smoothly.

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The stuff at Digital Playground is like true to life since they have the finest HD porn on the Internet. It is like the girl is masturbating right in front of you. There is an all star cast in the models section and it includes the likes of Jesse Jane and Selena Rose. There are 2689 videos here and they are all around 100 minutes each which is a heck of a lot of time.

All the videos can be streamed in a flash player but they can’t be downloaded which is a big let down for people who want to download a bunch of stuff in order to watch them later on. It is one part that every member of this site will not like.


It is hard to notice how good the layout of the main page is since there is also a banner that shows you the scene of the month. There is always a half dozen projects that are getting made while you are watching a scene here. The fact that it is updated about 6 to 8 times a week would really turn on some people to become a member here. It is also possible to filter the content by date, popularity and the number of views which is something new as it would make you find out the popular videos on Digital Playground.

The model index is fantastic but there are no contact numbers in sight but we are pretty confident there will be one very soon. With the all star cast present, there is bound to be at least some links to their Facebook and Twitter pages soon. If you are one of those people who would love to stream porn, jack off then move on to the next task then this is one website you would love. It is a good thing there are some people who would not want to make their computer slow by downloading a bunch of stuff at the same time like songs and porn.

There are 400 Digital Playground DVD titles and they can be viewed in chunks or the entire thing at once. There are 150 images per set here and the only way to view them is in a slideshow. For extras, there is a behind the scenes footage which is always fun as you will find out what goes on behind the scenes of the porn movies getting made.

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At Burning Angel, there is a forum for you to discuss various topics with other members. There is are 85 pages of galleries and you have the ability to comment in order to let other members know what you have to say about one photo. Of course, you will also see what other members thought of it which could change your opinion about the subject.

There are 300 Burning Angel girls here and you have the option to find out more information about each one of them. You can take a look at each girl’s photos and videos. There are 7 ways to stream the video and 10 ways to download each one including HD MP4.


There is a variety of action at Burning Angel as you would see a girl lick the pussy of another horny chick or even come across some softcore posing by some gothic girls with lots of tattoos. The pierced girls at Burning Angel can get creative as they can gobble down a couple of worthy cocks at the same time.

You will also get access to exclusive events that will entertain you to the very end. There is also a members only chat where members can interact with each other in order to see what is up with their lives. You can create your own profile by uploading your own picture but it does not have to be your own picture. It can be the picture of your favorite porn star in order to show some love for that lucky girl. There is no doubt the other members would recognize the fact that girl is your favorite among all the girls who perform there.

The way the Burning Angel videos were made is excellent as you can tell the owners really wanted to make an excellent porn site with different looking girls. There is also a mobile version of Burning Angel and the movies here run for about 25 minutes long which is enough to get someone to cum. There is no doubt this is not your ordinary porn site as it would make you feel weird after cumming.

Devils Film Promo Code

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At Devils Film, there are 2150 scenes and each of them has over 30 minutes each. There are 5203 galleries that open up in a viewer. It is just too bad there isn’t any slideshow or zip file. You can add each of the 3190 models to your favorites or vote on them on who you think deserves to be called a deserving model. It is such a shame how the total of 3190 models include the guys as well since we are all looking forward to the profiles of the girls only.

There are so many ways to sort the order of the models on Devils Film as well as the galleries and movies. You are going to be told right away from the start when a scene is in HD and there are 11 download options.


There are even 7 ways to download the scenes on to your mobile phones and portable devices. It would be great to watch them when you are on the go unless you are in a public place because if that is the case then wear earphone so nobody else could hear the moaning and screaming.

There are over a thousand DVDs that contain the 2150 scenes here and there is even various information on each DVD including who made it and when it was released. The quality of the films here can’t be matched since the directors know what they are doing and the performers have been doing it for a long time. There are 66 sites in total and it includes being able to access the stars of porn like Rocco Siffredi, Peter North and Tera Patrick. It is no secret those people made a lot of porn films with them in it so the sight of people naked around them is normal for them.

There are several niches at Devils Film and that includes amateur teens and mothers who like to hunt younger men. You won’t go in shortage in terms of content to masturbate off of which is a nice thing. In this website, you will really enjoy and it won’t be long before your cock gets real hard.

Rocco Siffredi Promo Code

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If you don’t know Rocco Siffredi then you must be living under a rock because it is a name recognized in the world of porn. He is a porn superstar which means he has appeared naked more times than you can count. There are 1515 videos here and 530 of them are available in HD format. You can discover who Rocco is by taking a look at his profile in his website.

If you think that is not enough then head over to the FAQ section. If that is still enough then go to his social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter and that should give you a clear idea of who this guy is.


You can stream the videos or download them in either MP4 format or Windows Media player. You are not going to see Rocco in all the movies here which is good because there are times when you will get sick of his huge penis. He has got some handsome fellas substitute for him.

There are 244 sets of pictures and the photo sets can be saved in a Zip file so you can view them again at another time. You can’t blame yourself if you want to jack off to one picture more than a couple of times since the girls here are photographed in their most intimate moments. Rocco Siffredi promises quality in the content here but that does not mean his dick has to be exposed in each scene. It means that the girls are going to be fucked and they will be drinking the guy’s cum when all is said and done.

Thanks to the Fame Network, there is a lot to see here in terms of bonus material. There are 30 sites you would get access to in case you have already seen everything there is to see at Rocco Siffredi which would take a while since updates happen often. There is no advanced search though and you won’t be able to post comments which is a real bummer but that is okay considering the awesome content.

Peter North Promo Code

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Peter North is a veteran in the porn industry. He has been making porn movies starring himself for over 20 years. He has probably fucked more girls than the grand total of about 10 men. There are a lot of guys who envy North and this website has 2868 full length scenes and 579 of them come in HD format. The videos can be streamed and they can also be downloaded in various formats.

There are 811 photo galleries but Peter North does not appear in all of them. That means there are some dudes who sub for him since he is only human and he does get tired. If you want to talk about bonus material then the Fame Digital network will give you access to 30 more adults sites and that is just super fun.


They actually provide contact information to anybody who has any questions about the performances of Peter North. He assures everyone that he will get to each and every inquiry himself because he wants every member in the adult site contented.

You can download the photo sets in a Zip file or choose to view them in thumbnails. You won’t be able to leave any comments here though so you must be contented with just watching. There is no advanced search either so you should be used to hooking it up with the basic search. You can save the favorites in this adult site in case you feel like coming back to the ones you liked. There are a lot of high definition videos but the ones that are not won’t look too shabby either. The girls here are gorgeous and you will suddenly forget that you are in a relationship once you get a load of all the girls who are naked here.

You will not be disappointed when you confirm yourself as a member as Peter North will become your friend until the end. He is going to take you to his naughty adventures until you get real envy and want some of the action. It is going to be one hell of a ride.

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Blacks on Blondes is a porn site that has been around for several years now, and has collected many fans along the way who enjoy watching the videos on offer. The site features some of the best production techniques around, and the site is frequently updated, with a database that is getting larger with every passing month.

Becoming a subscriber is straight-forward. You will notice that you will need to select your preferred method of payment – there are several to choose from, and once you subscribed you will receive an electronic receipt via email which will confirm your purchase. You can keep this email for future reference if you wish. You will also need to select a user name and password when creating your online account, and you will need these every time you log into the site so keep them somewhere safe. The final part of the registration process is confirming your account by email. You will receive an email that will contain a link within, and you will need to click on this to validate your email address and complete the registration process.


On Blacks on Blondes, the main home page is likely where you will end up first, and this is the place where you can see the most recent videos that that been uploaded to the site, as well as a brief description of the video, and a preview of the content. You will also notice how easy it is to slide from one part of the site to another by using the multitude of navigation menus and options located throughout the site which make it easier than ever to find the content you are looking for. You can also use the search feature which will provide you with information based on your search query within a few seconds – an excellent way to find content on Blacks on Blondes fast and effectively.

Videos on the site feature both professionals and amateurs and specializes in interracial content, with around 600 videos for you to watch. Some videos can be watched in a high definition format, which makes the screen appear sharper and clearer than ever before.

There is plenty of high definition content to choose from, or you can opt to watch videos on your smart phone or mobile tablet in an MP4 file format, a great idea allowing you to watch video content when you are away from the house, for example when you are on your holidays. The streaming player rarely has problems buffering or downloading and is easy to use, stable and reliable. You can choose between full-length porn scenes or clips, giving you great flexibility when it comes to watching content. You can also peruse photo galleries which contain images of a high resolution only from Blacks on Blondes.

Nuru Massage Promo Code

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Nuru Massage is an extremely popular adult entertainment site that features hot girls and videos with high production techniques. Choose from over 200 different videos which can be downloaded directly onto your computer or streamed onto your computer, giving you choice ad flexibility when it comes to viewing online content.

You can even download video content in an MP4 file format, which can then be played on your mobile table or smartphone, a great way to watch videos when you are on vacation or away from the house.


You can also watch videos directly on the Nuru Massage site using an inbuilt Flash player which is easy to use and rarely has problems loading. Videos are also available in a high definition content which are clearer and sharper than the normal quality, although all videos have a good playback quality.

There are also photo galleries which allow you to view images in a high quality. If you do require any technical help when watching a video or finding content, you can also contact a company representative who will be able to provide you with information in a fast and helpful way, allowing you to make the most out of the features available to members on the site. All new content is listed on the main home page which is one of the first things you will notice when becoming a new subscriber to Nuru Massage – oh and be sure to use the search feature to find a particular movie, or use navigation tools which allow you to browse through content.

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There are many superlative words one can use to talk about Reality Kings. Incredible, magnificent, top rate, entertaining, professional, are just some of the words that come to mind. Critics might be skeptical and call all this as simple hyperbole. This would be an erroneous judgment on their part because The network is definitely among the “cream of the crop” when it comes to porn networks.

The Reality Kings network features some 37 porn sites that offer very exclusive material guaranteed to give you a sizable erection. Members of the network can transverse all these sites and enjoy updates and other features. The best thing about this network is the amount of content available. Even if you are a voracious eater of high quality porn, there will always be something to watch on this network!


There are over six thousand models “who show you what their mama gave them” in some 7600+ movie scenes. No matter how you look at it, that is a lot of material. Variety as they say is the spice of life and on Reality Kings, variety is what you get. There are anal, DP, armature, milf, coed, teen, orgy, hardcore and a ton of other niches to select.

When it comes to the picture galleries, you get 7600+ sets containing pictures shot in High Res formats. The movies have various formats and the recent ones are in full 1080p HD quality. Pictures can be downloaded in ZIP files.

This network really has everything one would expect from a quality porn network. Navigation is simple enough with options for bookmarking scenes, watching live cams, and other navigation features. The material is presented in such an enticing manner to ensure you reach the apex of satisfaction that you so eagerly want (or need!). You will be hard pressed to find a flaw in Reality Kings network.

The network has such sites like Milf Hunters, 8th Street Latinas, Tranny Surprise, Cum Fiesta, etc. Just by looking at the titles of the sites on this network, one gets a rough idea of the expansive coverage of various porn categories the network has to offer.

As a mega porn site, Reality Kings definitely lives up to all the hype. You should become a member of this network if you appreciate material in HD quality that is creative, sensual, and even at times, downright freaky!